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Immigrants' perspectives on clinician cultural diversity competence: a qualitative study with immigrants in Portugal
Carla Moleiro (Moleiro, C.); Jaclin Freire (Freire, J.); Masa Tomsic (Tomsic, M.);
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International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care
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Purpose - The recognition of the importance of addressing cultural issues in psychotherapy and counseling has been increasing. The present paper seeks to contribute to the specification of multicultural competencies in the fields of counseling and clinical psychology, based on clients' perspectives. In particular, its objectives were to explore the experiences of individuals of ethnic minority groups regarding their access to the Portuguese healthcare system and to identify the multicultural competencies of the clinicians (as perceived by the clients) which would be required to improve culturally sensitive treatments. Design/methodology/approach - The sample included 40 adults from different ethnic minority groups in Portugal - a total of 30 women and ten men - with a mean age of 34. Participants took part in one of eight focus groups, which were conducted using a semi-structured interview plan. Findings - Content analysis revealed that, generally, participants had experienced discrimination in the healthcare system, and that mental healthcare was perceived as mixed (both positive and negative). Furthermore, participants identified specific aspects of multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills required of clinicians to provide culturally sensitive treatments, providing support for the tridimensional model of multicultural competencies. Originality/value - Implications are discussed for ethical guidelines and clinical training of counselors, clinical psychologists, and other social and health professionals in Europe.
Cultural sensitivity,Counseling,Minority ethnic clients,Ethnic minorities,Patient centred care,Qualitative methodologies,Portugal
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