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Improving health care management in hospitals through a productivity dashboard
Miguel Pestana (Pestana, M.); Rúben Pereira (Pereira, R.); Sérgio Moro (Moro, S.);
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Journal of Medical Systems
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Health information systems have been developed to help hospital managers steer daily operations, including key performance indicators (KPIs) for monitoring on a time-aggregated basis. Yet, current literature lacks in proposals of productivity dashboards to assist hospitals stakeholders. This research focuses on two related problems: (1) hospital organizations need access to productivity information to improve access to services; and (2) managers need productivity information to optimize resource allocation. This research consists in the development of dashboards to monitor information obtained from a hospital organization to support decision makers. To develop and evaluate the productivity dashboard, the Design Science Research (DSR) methodology was adopted. The dashboard was evaluated by stakeholders of a large Portuguese hospital who contributed to iteratively improving its design toward a useful decision support tool. Additionally, it was ascertained that monitoring productivity needs more study and that the dashboards on these themes are valuable assets at a monitoring level and subsequent decision-making process.
Health information systems,Business intelligence,Dashboard,Hospital management,KPI
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