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Intangible assets identification and valuation: a theoretical approach to the Portuguese Airlines companies
Ilídio Tomás Lopes (Lopes, I. T.); Ana Maria Gomes Rodrigues (Rodrigues, A. M. G.);
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The Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management
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Reino Unido
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It is nowadays irrefutable that we are on the brink of a new industrial revolution so deep that it might represent the birth of a new generation in which the main question is to know who will take advantage from this radical change. It is also undeniable the deep changes that have taken place on the economies and in companies as a result of the most complex re-engineering and total quality programs, as well as the implementation of knowledge management and learning approaches. Some additional key concerns come up irrefutable: in a world highly discontinuous, strategies based on innovation seem to be the key drivers for the wealth and value creation process, where they typifies the capacity to replace the traditional business models on the path of new value creation for customers and wealth for shareholders. Hence, the innovation approach is certainly centred as much on the activities of the value chain as well as on the links of the integrated value system.
Intangible,Knowledge,Intellectual capital,Valuation,Air transportation
  • Economia e Gestão - Ciências Sociais