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Intimate Partner Violence: Evaluation and development of campaigns tailored for victimized men
Eduardo Reis (Reis, E.); Patrícia Arriaga (Arriaga, P.); Carla Moleiro (Moleiro, C.); Xavier Hospital (Hospital, X.);
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16th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare
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Background: Research regarding IPV effects on men in opposite-sex and same-sex relationships suggests similar prevalence rates and negative effects when compared to female victims. Most campaigns created for IPV awareness target female victims, and these are seen as ineffective and harmful by them. Moreover, few campaigns focused on victimized men, even though these campaigns are considered an important resource to promote help-seeking. With this project we aim to understand how victimized men view IPV campaigns, create a tailored IPV campaign and also provide empirically based recommendations for the creation of tailored campaigns that effectively promote help-seeking among victimized men. Methods: Firstly, a qualitative review of existing pictorial campaigns targeting victimized men will be conducted by two independent reviewers. On a second study, a selected few of these campaigns will be quantitatively assessed using a sample of 120 men, independently of victim status or sexual orientation, to better understand their perceived effectiveness in facilitating help-seeking among victimized men. After this, semi-structured interviews will be conducted to better understand how self-identified victimized men perceive existing campaigns, and obtain their input on the adequate development of new campaigns. Lastly, taking into account the quantitative and qualitative findings previously obtained, we will create a pictorial IPV awareness campaign tailored for victimized men that will also be evaluated on its perceived effectiveness similarly to what is proposed before regarding previous campaigns. Implications: Our project will provide novel contributions and guidelines for health professionals in a scarcely investigated field, ensuring a gender inclusive perspective in health communication campaigns. Following the principles of formative research, only by considering the victims’ perspective can we develop tailored campaigns that facilitate help-seeking among victimized men in opposite-sex and same-sex relationships. Feedback: Commentaries on specific theoretical concepts and methodological instruments pertaining the assessment and development of campaigns would be of great value, as it would allow for a more comprehensive overview of different paths of action, and culminate in a more adequate and rigorous methodological approach.
Intimate Partner Violence,Health Communication Campaigns,LGBTI,Gender-based violence
  • Psicologia - Ciências Sociais
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