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Multinomial logistic regression in worker’s health
Luís M. Grilo (Grilo, L. M.); Helena L. Grilo (Grilo, H. L.); Sónia Bogas (Bogas, S. P.); Ana Junça Silva (Junça Silva, A.);
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In European countries, namely in Portugal, it is common to hear some people mentioning that they are exposed to excessive and continuous psychosocial stressors at work. This is increasing in diverse activity sectors, such as, the Services sector. A representative sample was collected from a Portuguese Services’ organization, by applying a survey (internationally validated), which variables were measured in five ordered categories in Likert-type scale. A multinomial logistic regression model is used to estimate the probability of each category of the dependent variable general health perception where, among other independent variables, burnout appear as statistically significant.
Logistic regression,Burnout
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