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N/A Artigo em revista científica Ferreira, F.; Meidute-Kavaliauskiene, I.; Toward a sustainable supply chain for social credit: learning by experience using single-valued neutrosophic sets and fuzzy cognitive maps Annals of Operations Research -- 26
N/A Artigo em revista científica Diniz, E.; Monteiro, L.; Torres, N.; Tereno, S.; Veríssimo, M.; Toward an understanding on father involvement in divorced families Devenir -- --
N/A Artigo em revista científica Castellani, S.; On the fringes of social proctection: new southern European labour migration to Germany International Migration 7 8
N/A Artigo em revista científica Teperoglou, E.; Belchior, A. M.; Is ‘Old Southern Europe’ still eurosceptic? Determinants of mass attitudes before, during and after the eurozone crisis South European Society and Politics 5 8
N/A Artigo em revista científica Mariano, P.; Almeida, S. M.; Santana, P.; On the automated learning of air pollution prediction models from data collected by mobile sensor networks Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 7 8
N/A Artigo em revista científica Ferreira, F.; Kannan, D.; Meidute-Kavaliauskiene, I.; Vale, I.; A sociotechnical approach to vaccine manufacturer selection as part of a global immunization strategy against epidemics and pandemics Annals of Operations Research 8 9
N/A Artigo em revista científica De Clercq, D.; Pereira, R.; So tired, I can't even help you: How work-related sleep deprivation evokes dehumanization of organizational leaders and less organizational citizenship behavior Journal of Management and Organization 6 6
N/A Artigo em revista científica Vincenzi, M.; Correia, A. I.; Vanzella, P.; Pinheiro, A. ; Lima, C. F.; Schellenberg, E.; Associations between music training and cognitive abilities: The special case of professional musicians Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts 6 4
N/A Artigo em revista científica Yuan, H.; Ferreira, F.; Sustainable competitive advantage in maternal and child health institutions: a dynamic capability approach Annals of Operations Research 3 4
N/A Artigo em revista científica Martín‐Díaz, E.; Castellani, S.; Struggling in pandemic times: Migrant women's virtual political organization during the COVID‐19 crisis in Spain International Migration 1 1