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N/A Artigo em revista científica Mirfakhar, A.; Trullen, J.; Valverde, M.; How can CEOs influence HRM implementation? Unfolding top management’s role in HRM International Journal of Human Resource Management 1 1
N/A Artigo em revista científica Fernandes, M.; Reis, E.; Moleiro, C.; Conflict between religious/spiritual and LGB identities in Portugal: How is it related to coming out experiences, LGB identity dimensions and well-being? Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 1 1
N/A Artigo em revista científica Loureiro, S. M. C.; Blanco, T.; Museum coolness: Creating the desire to revisit Tourism Recreation Research 3 4
N/A Artigo em revista científica Cai, W.; Guinote, A.; Wu, S.; Revisiting the powerful-not-lonely effect across cultures: The mediating role of self-construal and social support Current Psychology 0 0
N/A Artigo em revista científica Ferreira, F.; Kannan, D.; Meidute-Kavaliauskiene, I.; Vale, I.; A sociotechnical approach to vaccine manufacturer selection as part of a global immunization strategy against epidemics and pandemics Annals of Operations Research 6 7
N/A Artigo em revista científica Curto, J.; Confidence intervals for means and variances of nonnormal distributions Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation 2 2
N/A Artigo em revista científica Vinhas da Silva, R.; Ferreira-Lopes, A.; Carvalho, H.; Duarte, J.; When firms go international: Deliberate or random? Review of International Business and Strategy 0 0
N/A Artigo em revista científica Pinto, B.; Ferreira, F.; Spahr, R.; Sunderman, M.; Pereira, L.; Analyzing causes of urban blight using cognitive mapping and DEMATEL Annals of Operations Research 4 5
N/A Artigo em revista científica Yuan, H.; Ferreira, F.; Sustainable competitive advantage in maternal and child health institutions: a dynamic capability approach Annals of Operations Research 0 0
N/A Artigo em revista científica Guedes, D.; Prada, M.; Garrido, M. V.; Lamy, E.; The taste & affect music database: Subjective rating norms for a new set of musical stimuli Behavior Research Methods 2 2