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N/A Artigo em revista científica Fontes, A.; Pereira, C.; Menezes, S.; Soares, A.; Almeida, P. R.; Carvalho, G.; Arriaga, P.; Predictors of health-protective and helping behaviors during the Covid-19 pandemic: The role of social support and resilience Psychological Reports 4 5
N/A Artigo em revista científica Amorim, L. A. De; Sousa, B. B.; Dias, Á.; Santos, V. R.; Exploring the outcomes of digital marketing on historic sites' visitor behaviour Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development 1 4
N/A Artigo em revista científica Radonjić, A.; Duarte, H.; Pereira, N. ; Artificial intelligence and HRM: HR managers’ perspective on decisiveness and challenges European Management Journal 4 7
N/A Artigo em revista científica Moriconi, M.; Peris, C. A.; Cultivating cannabis in a Paraguayan nature reserve: Incentives and moral justification for breaking the law Trends in Organized Crime 4 3
N/A Artigo em revista científica Oliveira, N.; Magalhães, A.; Governing diversity: A comparative analysis of pragmatic diversity regimes in city centres Territory, Politics, Governance 1 1
N/A Artigo em revista científica Guimarães, G.; Missionary populism against nativist populism: The debate between Olavo de Carvalho and Alexander Dugin Journal of Political Ideologies 1 0
N/A Artigo em revista científica Junça Silva, A.; Should I pet or should I work? Human-animal interactions and (tele)work engagement: an exploration of the underlying within-level mechanisms Personnel Review 9 9
N/A Artigo em revista científica Pinheiro, M.; Magalhães, E.; Calheiros, M. M.; Macdonald, D.; Quality of relationships between residential staff and youth: A systematic review Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal 7 6
N/A Artigo em revista científica Lemos, S.; Ferreira, F.; Zopounidis, C.; Galariotis, E.; Ferreira, N.; Artificial intelligence and change management in small and medium-sized enterprises: An analysis of dynamics within adaptation initiatives Annals of Operations Research 5 11
N/A Artigo em revista científica Rosado-Pinto, F.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Authenticity: Shedding light on the branding context EuroMed Journal of Business 4 4