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N/A Artigo em revista científica Aleem, A.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Bilro, R. G.; Luxury fashion consumption: A review, synthesis and research agenda Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC -- 9
N/A Artigo em revista científica Vincenzi, M.; Correia, A. I.; Vanzella, P.; Pinheiro, A. ; Lima, C. F.; Schellenberg, E.; Associations between music training and cognitive abilities: The special case of professional musicians Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts 6 4
N/A Artigo em revista científica Yuan, H.; Ferreira, F.; Sustainable competitive advantage in maternal and child health institutions: a dynamic capability approach Annals of Operations Research 2 2
N/A Artigo em revista científica Leão, E.; Leão, P.; The paradox of investment: A contribution to the theory of demand-led economic growth Review of Political Economy 0 0
N/A Artigo em revista científica Coelho, A. R.; Modes of relating to the new ICTs among older internet users: a qualitative approach Ageing and Society 2 --
N/A Artigo em revista científica Souto, D.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Schivinski, B. ; Neves, H. ; In the eye of the (fire)storm: Better safe or sorry? Crisis communication strategies for managing virality of online negative brand-related content Journal of Marketing Communications -- 2
N/A Artigo em revista científica Martín‐Díaz, E.; Castellani, S.; Struggling in pandemic times: Migrant women's virtual political organization during the COVID‐19 crisis in Spain International Migration 1 1
N/A Artigo em revista científica Junça Silva, A.; Neves, P.; Caetano, A.; Procrastination is not only a “thief of time”, but also a thief of happiness: It buffers the beneficial effects of telework on well-being International Journal of Manpower 14 17
N/A Artigo em revista científica Petruzzi, M.; Marques, C.; Peer-to-peer accommodation in Covid-19 period: A segmentation approach from tourist’s safety perspective Journal of Vacation Marketing 2 4
N/A Artigo em revista científica Fontes, A.; Pereira, C.; Menezes, S.; Soares, A.; Almeida, P. R.; Carvalho, G.; Arriaga, P.; Predictors of health-protective and helping behaviors during the Covid-19 pandemic: The role of social support and resilience Psychological Reports 2 3