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Social Innovations and Technology in Social Work Education Promoting Equity and a Participatory Society
Jorge Manuel Leitão Ferreira (Ferreira, J.); Pablo Álvarez-Pérez (Álvarez-Pérez, P.); Maria João Pena (Pena, M.);
Título Evento
3rd International Conference
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Abstract «Methodological strategies for the empowerment of the doctoral student». A long, slow and lonely process characterizes a doctoral thesis. A process that is often interrupted by external factors and / or internal factors, leading to a marked drop in student numbers or late completion of the process. In this communication, we present a set of innovative methodological strategies in the promotion of Empowerment of the PhD student. Strategies ranging from the promotion of integrative motivational spaces of the student; stimulation of informal research groups of the student initiative to open online opportunities for the establishment of contact relations with other research centers and other stu- dents / researchers and creation of field research activities, with the ultimate goal of success in advocating a doctoral thesis. In this set of strategies, we include the promotion of doctoral student participation in international and national scientific events, as well as encouraging the publication in indexed and non-indexed jour- nals and the presentation of Working Papers. As an empirical example, NUDLA/ ISCTE - IUL will be presented.
Doctoral Thesis,Strategies,Innovation methodologies