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Teachers' unions and the transformation of employment relations in public education in Portugal
Alan Stoleroff (Stoleroff, A.); Irina Pereira (Pereira, I.);
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Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research
Estados Unidos da América
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This article examines the ongoing transformation of employment relations within the Portuguese public education sector as it affects teachers. It focuses on the negotiation over the amendment of the Teachers' Career Statute, initiated in May 2006, and the subsequent phases of its implementation, highlighting the recent conflict over the application of the performance evaluation system and performance-related pay. It analyses the positions of the teachers' unions and the conflicts that have emerged within the education sector, as well as the interaction of these conflicts with those of the public sector unions with regard to the overall reform of public administration. The significant resistance of teachers and the unified position of their unions in opposition to the reform measures have produced a particular dynamic in their conflict with the government.
Public sector trade unions,Teachers',Unions,Public sector reform,Social dialogue