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The association of thinking styles with research agendas among academics in the social sciences
João M. Santos (Santos, J. M.); Hugo Horta (Horta, H.); Li‐fang Zhang (Zhang, L. - F.);
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Higher Education Quarterly
Estados Unidos da América
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Research agendas are understudied, despite being key to academic knowledge creation. The literature suggests that the ways that academics determine their research agendas are conditioned by individual, organisational and environmental characteristics. This study explores the cognitive aspects of academics' research agendas in the social sciences by using a theory on thinking styles as an analytical framework. The results suggest that the research agendas of academics in the social sciences are significantly associated with their thinking styles. These findings aid understanding of how academics set their research agendas. This study also represents an important landmark in research on thinking styles, focusing on academic research work as a potential venue for further studies. The findings are relevant for policymakers, research funding agencies, university administrators and academics because they have implications for academic research development processes, outcomes, and for research and academic identity socialisation during doctoral studies.
  • Ciências da Educação - Ciências Sociais
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