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The basic perspectives of consultant-client relationships in management consulting
João M. Afonso Geraldes (Geraldes, J. M. A.); Renato Lopes da Costa (Lopes da Costa, R.); Nelson António (António, N.);
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Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies
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A historical overview, although the existing literature default the management consulting as a extraordinary and a unique phenomenon in the corporate context, in truth these statements do not come accompanied by a number of academic studies that emphasize the importance of effective work of management consultants. To combat the lack of studies in this emerging area, this article aims to understand whether it may be in fact the importance of knowledge produced in this sector is associated with the type of relationships that are built between the parties and, noting that the successful relationships are the basis of the knowledgeproduced in the sector who will then be responsible for the balance of powers and who should take control of projects. The results of the empirical analysis in the form of semi-structured interviews and questionnaires applied to management consultants and managers of SME in Portugal show that you cannot translate the control relationship between consultants and clients across the board, not least because the projects are not all equal, and there are various characteristics thatdistinguish them and that validate assumptions of control that can differ considerably between each one
Relationships,Strategy-as-practice,Management consulting