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The place for gender research in contemporary Portuguese science and higher education policies within the context of neo-liberalism
Amélia Augusto (Augusto, A.); Catarina Sales Oliveira (Sales Oliveira, C.); Emília Araújo (Araújo, E.); Carla Cerqueira (Cerqueira, C.);
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Gender Studies and the New Academic Governance
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This article will to discuss the place for gender research and gender studies in universities under the current neo-liberal modes of governance. Although gender studies has a rather considerable history within academy and science, gender studies' contributions in several fields were either kept invisible or just voided. The current neo-liberal rationale has promoted commodification in higher education, individualisation, excessive workload and performativity in academia. How can these new issues associated with the neoliberal university be articulated with "old" issues related to gender inequality and to the affirmation of gender studies? Critically analyzing the trajectory of science policy making and the evolution of gender studies in Portugal as well as gender mainstreaming policies implemented in recent years we conclude arguing that it is possible to promote a gender science policy able to resist and ultimately to make a transformative difference in the neo-liberal university.
Gender,Gender equality plans,Gender mainstreaming,Gender studies,Neo-liberalism,Science policy,University
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