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Towards an integrated approach to food behaviour: meat consumption and substitution, from context to consumers
João Graça (Graça, J.);
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Psychology, Community & Health
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Background: Human diet is increasingly acknowledged as a critical issue in global health and sustainability challenges. Aim: This article draws on meat consumption and substitution to illustrate how two features facilitate an integrated approach to understanding food behaviour: (1) framing such behaviour in a wider historical, sociocultural and environmental context; and (2) acknowledging the role that psychological processes play in consumer willingness and propensity to engage in a given diet. Conclusion: To mobilize large-scale changes towards healthier and more sustainable dietary choices, the article concludes with a call for developing conceptual, methodological and delivery tools that: (1) consider the context in which food habits take place; and (2) identify and engage with different groups of consumers.
Food behaviour,Nutritional changes,Sustainable food consumption,Meat consumption,Meat substitution,Plant-based diets
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