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Tracking Five Millennia of Horse Management with Extensive Ancient Genome Time Series
Antoine Fages (Antoine Fages); Kristian Hanghøj (Kristian Hanghøj); Naveed Khan (Naveed Khan); Charleen Gaunitz (Charleen Gaunitz); Andaine Seguin-Orlando (Andaine Seguin-Orlando); Michela Leonardi (Michela Leonardi); Christian McCrory Constantz (Christian McCrory Constantz); Cristina Gamba (Cristina Gamba); Khaled A.S. Al-Rasheid (Khaled A.S. Al-Rasheid); Silvia Albizuri (Silvia Albizuri); Ahmed H. Alfarhan (Ahmed H. Alfarhan); Morten Allentoft (Morten Allentoft); Saleh Alquraishi (Saleh Alquraishi); David Anthony (David Anthony); Nurbol Baimukhanov (Nurbol Baimukhanov); James H. Barrett (James H. Barrett); Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan (Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan); Norbert Benecke (Norbert Benecke); Eloísa Bernáldez-Sánchez (Eloísa Bernáldez-Sánchez); Luis Berrocal-Rangel (Luis Berrocal-Rangel); Fereidoun Biglari (Fereidoun Biglari); Sanne Boessenkool (Sanne Boessenkool); Bazartseren Boldgiv (Bazartseren Boldgiv); Gottfried Brem (Gottfried Brem); Dorcas Brown (Dorcas Brown); Joachim Burger (Joachim Burger); Eric Crubézy (Eric Crubézy); Linas Daugnora (Linas Daugnora); Hossein Davoudi (Hossein Davoudi); Peter de Barros Damgaard (Peter de Barros Damgaard); María de los Ángeles de Chorro y de Villa-Ceballos (María de los Ángeles de Chorro y de Villa-Ceballos); Sabine Deschler-Erb (Sabine Deschler-Erb); Cleia Detry (Detry, C); Nadine Dill (Nadine Dill); Maria do Mar Oom (Oom MM); Maria do Mar Oom (Oom, MM); Anna Dohr (Anna Dohr); Sturla Ellingvåg (Sturla Ellingvåg); Diimaajav Erdenebaatar (Diimaajav Erdenebaatar); Homa Fathi (Homa Fathi); Sabine Felkel (Sabine Felkel); Carlos Fernández-Rodríguez (Fernández-Rodríguez, C); Esteban García-Viñas (Esteban García-Viñas); Mietje Germonpré (Mietje Germonpré); José D. Granado (José D. Granado); Jón H. Hallsson (Jón H. Hallsson); Helmut Hemmer (Helmut Hemmer); Michael Hofreiter (Michael Hofreiter); Aleksei Kasparov (Aleksei Kasparov); Mutalib Khasanov (Mutalib Khasanov); Roya Khazaeli (Roya Khazaeli); Pavel Kosintsev (Pavel Kosintsev); Kristian Kristiansen (Kristian Kristiansen); Tabaldiev Kubatbek (Tabaldiev Kubatbek); Lukas Kuderna (Lukas Kuderna); Pavel Kuznetsov (Pavel Kuznetsov); Haeedeh Laleh (Haeedeh Laleh); Jennifer A. Leonard (Jennifer A. Leonard); Johanna Lhuillier (Johanna Lhuillier); Corina Liesau von Lettow-Vorbeck (Corina Liesau von Lettow-Vorbeck); Andrey Logvin (Andrey Logvin); Lembi Lõugas (Lembi Lõugas); Arne Ludwig (Arne Ludwig); Cristina Luís (Luís, C.); Ana Margarida Arruda ( Arruda, AM); Tomas Marques-Bonet (Tomas Marques-Bonet); Raquel Matoso Silva (Matoso Silva, R); Victor Merz (Victor Merz); Enkhbayar Mijiddorj (Enkhbayar Mijiddorj); Bryan K. Miller (Bryan K. Miller); Oleg Monchalov (Oleg Monchalov); Fatemeh A. Mohaseb (Fatemeh A. Mohaseb); Arturo Morales (Arturo Morales); Ariadna Nieto-Espinet (Ariadna Nieto-Espinet); Heidi Nistelberger (Heidi Nistelberger); Vedat Onar (Vedat Onar); Albína H. Pálsdóttir (Albína H. Pálsdóttir); Vladimir Pitulko (Vladimir Pitulko); Konstantin Pitskhelauri (Konstantin Pitskhelauri); Mélanie Pruvost (Mélanie Pruvost); Petra Rajic Sikanjic (Petra Rajic Sikanjic); Anita Rapan Papeša (Anita Rapan Papeša); Natalia Roslyakova (Natalia Roslyakova); Alireza Sardari (Alireza Sardari); Eberhard Sauer (Eberhard Sauer); Renate Schafberg (Renate Schafberg); Amelie Scheu (Amelie Scheu); Jörg Schibler (Jörg Schibler); Angela Schlumbaum (Angela Schlumbaum); Nathalie Serrand (Nathalie Serrand); Aitor Serres-Armero (Aitor Serres-Armero); Beth Shapiro (Beth Shapiro); Shiva Sheikhi Seno (Shiva Sheikhi Seno); Irina Shevnina (Irina Shevnina); Sonia Shidrang (Sonia Shidrang); John Southon (John Southon); Bastiaan Star (Bastiaan Star); Naomi Sykes (Naomi Sykes); Kamal Taheri (Kamal Taheri); William Taylor (William Taylor); Wolf-Rüdiger Teegen (Wolf-Rüdiger Teegen); Tajana Trbojević Vukičević (Tajana Trbojević Vukičević); Simon Trixl (Simon Trixl); Dashzeveg Tumen (Dashzeveg Tumen); Sainbileg Undrakhbold (Sainbileg Undrakhbold); Emma Usmanova (Emma Usmanova); Ali Vahdati (Ali Vahdati); Silvia Valenzuela-Lamas (Silvia Valenzuela-Lamas); Catarina Viegas (Viegas, C); Barbara Wallner (Barbara Wallner); Jaco Weinstock (Jaco Weinstock); Victor Zaibert (Victor Zaibert); Benoit Clavel (Benoit Clavel); Sébastien Lepetz (Sébastien Lepetz); Marjan Mashkour (Marjan Mashkour); Agnar Helgason (Agnar Helgason); Kári Stefánsson (Kári Stefánsson); Eric Barrey (Eric Barrey); Eske Willerslev (Eske Willerslev); Alan K. Outram (Alan K. Outram); Pablo Librado (Pablo Librado); Ludovic Orlando (Ludovic Orlando); et al.
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Horse domestication revolutionized warfare and accelerated travel, trade, and the geographic expansion of languages. Here, we present the largest DNA time series for a non-human organism to date, including genome-scale data from 149 ancient animals and 129 ancient genomes (≥1-fold coverage), 87 of which are new. This extensive dataset allows us to assess the modern legacy of past equestrian civilizations. We find that two extinct horse lineages existed during early domestication, one at the far western (Iberia) and the other at the far eastern range (Siberia) of Eurasia. None of these contributed significantly to modern diversity. We show that the influence of Persian-related horse lineages increased following the Islamic conquests in Europe and Asia. Multiple alleles associated with elite-racing, including at the MSTN “speed gene,” only rose in popularity within the last millennium. Finally, the development of modern breeding impacted genetic diversity more dramatically than the previous millennia of human management.
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