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Alexandra Maria Barros Alves Chaves Silva Vidal Saraiva completed her Bachelor in Architecture in 1995 at Universidade Lusíada Porto Faculty of Architecture and Arts, her Master's Degree in Architecture in 2008 also at Universidade Lusíada in Porto and her Ph.D. at Departamento de Construcciones Arquitectónicas in 2011 at Universidade da Coruña School of Architecture. She is an Assistant Professor at Universidade Lusíada Porto Faculty of Architecture and Arts; she teaches at this University since 1996. In 2015 starts a Postdoctoral Degree at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa DINÂMIA'CET Center for Studies on Socioeconomic and Territory Change. Grant Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus - 4th Edition (2021.02417.CEECIND) to start in 2022. She has published three articles in specialized journals. It has two chapter (s) of books. She works in the area (s) of Humanities with an emphasis in Arts with a focus in Architecture and Design. In his professional activities, she interacted with 36 collaborator (s) is a coauthor of scientific works. In her Science Vitae curriculum the most frequent terms in the contextualization of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: Raúl Hestnes Ferreira; Social production of architecture; José Gomes Ferreira House; The Queijas Townhouses; Barrio Fonsecas and Calçada; Housing unit João Barbeiro; Light; Shadow; Louis Kahn; Youth Culture House of Beja; Architecture; Cultural heritage; Cultural and creative industries; Space; Place; Tourism; Space (Architecture); Theory of architecture; Ancestrality; Tectonics; Geometry; Monumentality; Ancestry; Tectonics; Geometry; Monumentality; Architecture of housing; Flexibility; Adaptability; Minimalism (Architecture); Matosinhos; Minimalism; Architecture and urbanism; Urban voids; Urban landscape; Architectural intervention; Pomegranate; Phases of Architecture; Contemporary architecture; Modular architecture; Sustainable architecture; Algosinho (Mogadouro, Bragança); Urban Development; Industrial Revolution; Copenhagen; Urbanism; Maritime Front; Coastal town; Urban planning; Water cities; Caminha; Place (Philosophy) in architecture; Phases of architecture; Modernist architecture; Square; Urban Planning; Public place; Morphology; Urban design; Kahn, Louis Isadore, 1901-1974 - Criticism and interpretation; Ferreira, Raúl Hestnes, 1931- - Criticism and interpretation; Architecture - Composition, proportion, etc .; Architecture and tourism; Architectural heritage; Memory; Identity; Rural development; Bemposta; Cities; Sustainable development; Block; Port city; Sculpture; Architecture of Housing; Preservation; Melgaço; Portuguese ancient architecture; Castro Laboreiro; Brand and Invert; Architectural reconversion; Modernism; Design; Redesign; Railway stations; Buildings intended for transport, circulation and storage; Mogadouro; Urrós; Public spaces; Historical Centers; Guard; Traditional Portuguese architecture;.
Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
Universidad de Coruña
Doutoramento Arquitectura 2011
Universidade Lusíada Porto
Portugal - Porto
Mestrado Arquitectura 2008
Universidade Lusíada Porto
Portugal - Porto
Licenciatura Arquitectura 1995
Áreas de Investigação