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Design and evaluation of technological support tools to empower stakeholders in digital education
EMPOWER will focus on education for children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). Children with NDDs can experience difficulties with language and speech, motor skills, behaviour, memory, learning, or other neurological functions. Technological solutions that can respond to such individual needs have the potential to both improve the quality and inclusiveness of the education of these children and support teachers in carrying out their educational vocation. From a technological perspective, the challenge is not only to deliver the resulting educational program but also to do so accurately and to the benefit of the child. From an ethical perspective, several challenges come together in the trade-off between the potential educational benefits and the necessity to process relevant information regarding the children via measurements and algorithms that shape the educational program. In the proposed AI regulations of the EU (Artificial Intelligence Act, EC/2021), this is a high- risk endeavour. Together, this application domain is therefore a challenging one in that it unites sensitive cases of the obstacles one is likely to encounter in digitizing education. Addressing these challenges is therefore also an opportunity to shed more light on the future of technology and AI in education as the ability to address these challenges in their extreme form will lead to insights that are relevant more generally.
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