Resumo CV

Marjan S. Jalali is Associate Professor at the ISCTE Business School of the University Institute of Lisbon, and researcher at the Business Research Unit (BRU-IUL). She holds a BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford; a MA in Organisation Studies from the university of Warwick; and a PhD in Management from the University of Sydney. Some of her works have been published nationally and internationally, in journals such as the Journal of Business Research and the International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making.  Her research interests include CSR and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, social marketing, consumer ethics, and strategy.

Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
University of Sydney
Doutoramento PhD 2011
University of Warwick
Reino Unido
Mestrado MA Organisational Studies 2003
University of Oxford
Reino Unido
Licenciatura BA Economics and Management 2001
Áreas de Investigação
RSE estratégica, Sustentabilidade Corporativa, Diversidade e Inclusão
Economia e Gestão Ciências Sociais