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Projetos de Investigação
Iberian Digital Media Research and Fact-Checking Hub
IBERIFIER is an Iberian hub that aims to tackle disinformation in Spain and Portugal by bringing together aconsortium of 23 partners, composed of 12 universities, 5 independent fact-checking organisations and publicly-owned news agencies, and 6 leading institutions on strategic analysis, computer and data science, and mediaresearch. With the support of public authorities of both countries, relevant media organisations, several scientific andprofessional associations, as well as some other stakeholders, the activities of this Action comprise: (1) scientificresearch and analysis for the security and development of the Iberian digital media ecosystem; (2) fact-checking inthree languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan); (3) computer and data research aimed at developing systemsfor early detection of disinformation; (4) strategic analyses about the impacts of disinformation on areas such aspolitics, economy, social and security issues, science and technology, and the media industry; and (5) developmentof media literacy, through a set of activities targeted mainly to young people, journalists and citizens in general.Although the consortium focuses its activities on Spain and Portugal, its impacts are expected to reach far beyondthese two countries, thus contributing to the overall strategy and goals of the European Digital Media Observatory.Thanks to the international dimension of some of the consortium partners, as well as the set of scientific,communication and dissemination activities planned, IBERIFIER aims to have impact in the socio-cultural andlinguistic area that comprises all the Iberian-American region as well as some other countries in Africa and Asia,where Spanish and Portuguese languages are spoken by more than 600 million people, spread over 21 Spanish-speaking and 9 Portuguese-speaking countries.
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Digital News Report
O Reuters Digital News Report é um projeto internacional de investigação, coordenado pelo Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, da Universidade de Oxford. Iniciado em 2012, o seu principal objetivo é acompanhar a evolução do consumo de notícias digitais nos países e fornecer dados e análises oportunos para a indústria, os reguladores e a academia. Portugal participa no estudo, desde a edição de 2015, com a colaboração de investigadores do CIES e do OberCom.
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