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Nuno Nunes, sociologist, PHD, is a researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES) and Guest Professor in the School of Sociology and Public Policies, both placed at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal. He´s a member of the Observatory of Inequality (OD), of the Collaborative Laboratory for Work, Employment and Social Protection (CoLabor), Coordinator of the team in charge of the National Research Stream ‘Social Classes, Inequalities and Public Policies’ of the Portuguese Sociological Association (APS) and the Coordinator of the Publication e-CIES Working Paper. He has been working in the subjects of inequality, class, collective action, work, knowledge societies, human development, well-being and welfare state. He has published several articles, books chapters, working-papers and books. His recent publications include: “Social inequalities and collective action in times of crisis: the case of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area” (with Renato Miguel do Carmo and Daniela Ferreira) in the Journal of Civil Society (2019); “Distributional and categorical inequalities in Europe” (with António Firmino da Costa, Rosário Mauritti, Susana da Cruz Martins and Ana Lúcia Romão) a book chapter in “Reducing Inequalities: a challenge for the European Union?” by Palgrave Macmillan (2018); “The inequality effect in the well-being of European OECD countries” (with Daniela Craveiro, Maria do Carmo Botelho and Rosário Mauritti) prepared for the 16th OECD IAOS Conference (2018); “The social structure of European inequality: a multidimensional perspective” (with Rosário Mauritti, Susana da Cruz Martins, Ana Lúcia Romão and António Firmino da Costa) in Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas (2016); “Collective action on an individual and local scale: sociological profiles and portraits” (with Rita Cachado, Otávio Raposo, Daniela Ferreira and Renato Miguel do  Carmo) in Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas (2016); “Class and social capital in Europe” (with Renato Miguel do Carmo) in European Societies (2013); “Social inequalities and collective action practices in Europe”, a book published by Mundos Sociais (2013); and “Social inequalities and collective action in contemporary societies: the theories of Pierre Bourdieu and Nicos Mouzelis” in Sociologia (2013). He participates or has participated in nine research funded projects and currently is a national adviser for Horizon Europe. Currently he supervises PHD thesis in the subjects of social inequalities, disabilities, collective action and Europe. Occasionally he writes for the Portuguese press.




Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
Sociology - Portugal - Lisbon
Doutoramento Sociology 2007 - 2011
Sociology - Portugal - Lisbon
Pós-graduação Data Analysis in Social Sciences 2008 - 2009
Áreas de Investigação
Desigualdades sociais; classes sociais; ação coletiva; metodologias quantitativas e qualitativas; trabalho; territórios; desenvolvimento; estado; mudança social.
Sociologia Ciências Sociais