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Paulo Teodoro de Matos
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Paulo Teodoro de Matos is an historian and holds a PhD in Historical Demography. Since 2019 he is Assistant Professor at Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Department of History. Previously he was a Senior Researcher of the Centre for the Humanities (NOVA University of Lisbon). His main research activities are related to Historical Demography, Social History and History of the Portuguese Expansion. He is the PI of the international research project “Counting Colonial Populations. Demography and the uses of statistic in the Portuguese empire, 1776-1875”-

His latest articles are «Counting Colonial Populations in the Portuguese Colonial Empire, 1776-1875» (The History of the Family, 2016), and "To stay or to migrate: siblings and life transitions in 19th century Ribeira Seca, Azores" (The history of the Family, 2018). His most recent paper "Early Portuguese Data for wage developments in India: Kannur (Cananor): 1516-1517" is about to be published.