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Raul M. S. Laureano holds a Ph.D in Management with specialization in Quantitative Methods for Management (2007), a Master's degree in Business Sciences (1995), and a Bachelor's degree in Organization and Business Management (1992), all awarded by Iscte, currently known as Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon).

He is Associate Professor at the Department of Quantitative Methods for Economics and Management of the Iscte Business School, where he has been teaching since 1992 in the field of Business and Data Analytics, including subjects such as Statistics and Data Analysis and Machine Learning. At this institution, he proposed the Applied Business Analytics and Analytics for Business postgraduate programs, both offered in partnership with Iscte-Executive Education, and the Master's program in Business Analytics, of which he is the director since its first edition.

He is also a researcher at the Business Research Unit (BRU-Iscte), in the Data Analytics group, and at the Research Center in Information Science, Technologies, and Architecture (ISTAR-Iscte), in the Information Systems group. Within his research interests, which include Health Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Public Administration, Tourism Analytics, and Applied Business Analytics, he has published over 90 scientific papers, including articles in journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

He is currently responsible for the research projects "HOPE - Healthcare: Optimize, Predict and Explain" and "DAFIM - Development of Fraud Pattern Detection Algorithms in Incentive Verification," both funded by Iscte. He was a member of the research team for the project "Artificial Intelligence in Incentive Management" (funded by IAPMEI and AICEP – 2020-2021 / 24 months)

In terms of academic research, he has successfully supervised over 50 master theses and four doctoral theses. He is currently supervising four doctoral theses, all in the field of Data Science, with topics related to the creation of predictive models, both regression and classification, in the areas of health, financial incentives and audience measurement in out-of-home media.

In 2014, he co-founded the scientific event WICTA - Special Interest Group on ICT for Auditing & Accounting, of which he is the co-chair, and it will have its 11th edition in 2023 (CISTI'2023 - 18th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies - WICTA 2023).

He is also the author of several books, including "IBM SPSS Statistics: My Quick Reference Guide" (3rd edition), "Hypothesis Testing with SPSS: My Quick Reference Guide" (2nd edition), and "Hypothesis Testing and Regression" (with SPSS and R, forthcoming), all published in Portuguese by Edições Sílabo. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with other higher education institutions (Coimbra Business School, A Politécnica - Maputo, Institute of Health Sciences of the Catholic University, and Higher School of Real Estate Activities) and since 2013, he has been collaborating with the Order of Certified Accountants (OCC) in the preparation and teaching Microsoft Excel training courses.

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ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
Portugal - Lisboa
Doutoramento Management 2007
ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
Portugal - Lisboa
Mestrado Management 1995
ISCTE-IUL - Instituto Superior Ciências Trabalho e da Empresa
Licenciatura Organização e Gestão de Empresas 1992
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