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Data science, machine learning and big data in digital journalism: A survey of state-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities
Elizabeth Silva Fernandes (Fernandes, E.); Sérgio Moro (Moro, S.); Paulo Cortez (Cortez, P.);
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Expert Systems with Applications
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Digital journalism has faced a dramatic change and media companies are challenged to use data science algorithms to be more competitive in a Big Data era. While this is a relatively new area of study in the media landscape, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence has increased substantially over the last few years. In particular, the adoption of data science models for personalization and recommendation has attracted the attention of several media publishers. Following this trend, this paper presents a research literature analysis on the role of Data Science (DS) in Digital Journalism (DJ). Specifically, the aim is to present a critical literature review, synthetizing the main application areas of DS in DJ, highlighting research gaps, challenges, and opportunities for future studies. Through a systematic literature review integrating bibliometric search, text mining, and qualitative discussion, the relevant literature was identified and extensively analyzed. The review reveals an increasing use of DS methods in DJ, with almost 47% of the research being published in the last three years. An hierarchical clustering highlighted six main research domains focused on text mining, event extraction, online comment analysis, recommendation systems, automated journalism, and exploratory data analysis along with some machine learning approaches. Future research directions comprise developing models to improve personalization and engagement features, exploring recommendation algorithms, testing new automated journalism solutions, and improving paywall mechanisms.
Data science,Digital journalism,Text mining,Systematic literature review,Media analytics,Machine learning
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