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Intimate partner violence pictorial campaigns directed at victimized men: A systematic review
Eduardo Reis (Reis, E.); Patrícia Arriaga (Arriaga, P.); Carla Moleiro (Moleiro, C.); Xavier Hospital (Hospital, X.);
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XV Phd Meeting in Psychology
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Background: Intimate partner violence (IPV) pictorial campaigns have attempted to facilitate victimized men’s help-seeking process. To improve their effectiveness, campaigns should be grounded on models such as the Extended Parallel Processing Model (EPPM), to consider threat appeal information, and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). This study aims to review existing IPV pictorial campaigns directed at victimized men in different and same-sex relationships. Method: Online search engines were used to extract national and international pictorial campaigns in English, Spanish and Portuguese, released up until 2018. These pictorial campaigns must have been promoted by a formal organization. They were coded according to a theoretically grounded coding scheme, using thematic analysis. Expected results: Preliminary findings indicate that out the 45 images already collected, the majority of campaigns were aimed at men (not in any specific relationship type) (n=22, 49%), and intended to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about IPV and help-seeking (in line with TPB) (n=36, 80%). Additionally, most campaigns articulated at least one construct of the EPPM (n=42, 93%). Discussion: In the future, campaigns should better integrate different models, as well as provide information about pre and post-tests with the target population to understand the impact the campaigns had. This review highlights different limitations in these campaigns, and may guide the development of new and improved ones that better facilitate help-seeking in victimized men.
systematic review,victimized men,Intimate partner violence,campaigns
  • Psicologia - Ciências Sociais
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