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Management consulting practices and praxis
Renato Lopes da Costa (Lopes da Costa, R.); Nelson António (António, N.); José Manuel Brás dos Santos (Brás-dos-Santos, J.);
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International Journal of Learning and Change
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In a historical retrospective, although the literature calls the management consultancy industry as an extraordinary industry and a unique phenomenon in the business context, in fact the studies in this area do not bring to the state of the art actions and interactions in the field of strategic research and the research field of social complexity and causal ambiguity of basic view analysis of resources. Emphasizing the study in the fields H and G type in nine areas of research "strategy-as-practice" and from an empirical analysis in the form of semi-structured interviews and questionnaires given to management consultants and managers of SMEs in Portugal, this article presents a set of actions and strategic guidelines for the management consultants that can lead efficiently toward higher levels of organizational performance
Strategy,Management consulting,Strategy-as-practice
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