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Optimize Capacity for a Uniform Waste Transportation Collection
José Tiago Silva (José Tiago Silva); André Filipe Oliveira (André Filipe Oliveira); Maria Major (Major, M.); Joao C Ferreira or Joao Ferreira (Ferreira, J.);
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Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering
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Transportation-related costs are responsible for a large portion of the waste collection process. In the past several optimization approaches in routing having been the proposal with a diversity of algorithm. In this work we propose a novel approach where we analyze waste deposition volume and try to identify patterns for a deterministic and uniform waste collection. Instead of routing optimization we propose a capacity determination based on location, year period, special events and weather conditions. An IoT sensor transmitted volume every time the wasted door is open and provide real-time value.
Frequency-capacity; Logistics; Transportation; Waste collection; IoT;
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