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Report on the capability assessment and improvement workshop (CAIW) at iPres 2013
Christoph Becker (Becker, C.); Elsa Cardoso (Cardoso, E.);
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D-Lib Magazine
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While Digital Preservation is making progress in terms of tool development, progressive establishment of standards and increasing activity in user communities, there is a lack of approaches to systematically assessing, comparing and improving how organizations go about achieving their preservation goals. This currently presents a challenge to many organizations for whom digital stewardship is a concern and reveals a substantial gap between theory and practice. To provide an interactive, focused venue for those interested in systematic approaches for assessment and improvement, we organized the first Capability Assessment and Improvement Workshop (CAIW) in Lisbon, on September 5, 2013, as part of the 10th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPres 2013). This article provides a report on the issues discussed and attempts to synthesize the main conclusions with the intention of stimulating further discussion in the community on this topic.
Digital Preservation; Capability Assessment; Workshop report
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