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The first university e-learning study programme based on the adaption of the EUPC: Portuguese Implementation Study
Susana Henriques (Henriques, S.); Gregor Burkhart (Burkhart, G.); Michal Miovsky (Miovsky, M.);
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BACKGROUND: The training curriculum has been developed by a European project (UPC-Adapt) cofunded by the European Commission. Eleven partners adapted the Universal Prevention Curriculum to suit the European context. AIMS: The aims of the implementation study were to adapt the EUPC into a standardised university course delivered by distance learning by Universidade Aberta (UAb) and develop a process evaluation study focused on this adaptation process. METHODS: The methodology was inspired by the WHO guidelines for the evaluation of prevention and treatment programmes and combined with qualitative research strategies and methods (observation and qualitative content analysis). PARTICIPANTS: It features distance learning, without geographical borders or physical barriers, which is particularly important for prevention professionals working in the far-flung Portuguese-speaking environment. RESULTS: Enrolment has been difficult, probably for three reasons: i) people tend to believe that they know everything about prevention, ii) the prevention of substance use might be too narrow a field, and iii) there is no perceived need for a specific qualification in order to do prevention work in Portugal. CONCLUSIONS: EMCDDA staff with proficiency in Portuguese had access to the training course and followed the development of the e-activities and the interaction within the virtual community as part of the evaluation protocol. The course represents the first real e-learning-based university adaptation running in a standard regime in Europe, and UAb (Portugal) has joined Charles University (Prague) in making effective use of programmes and materials based on the original UPC curricula in the university context.
EUPC,University implementation,Prevention education and workforce training,Distance learning education
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