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The Robot-Creativity Project
Patrícia Arriaga (Arriaga, P.); Guy Hoffman (Guy Hoffman); Ana Paiva (Paiva, A.);
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2017 Doctoral Consortium in Conference on Interaction Design and Children - IDC '17
Estados Unidos da América
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Creativity is one of the most important and desired nowadays’ abilities as most developed societies are shifting from an industrialized economy to a creative economy. However, creativity seems to decline during school age years, in a phenomenon called “creative crisis”. Creativity is also known as an ability that can be developed and improved. The goal of this PhD project is to create and develop social robots to serve as boosters for creative-driven behaviors in children. The main question that this project addresses is if the interaction between children and social robots can enhance children’s creative abilities. To achieve this goal, milestones were set, including throughout literature analysis on creative strategies that informed the development and creation of the robot to be used in studies with children, to investigate if the creativity of children is influenced by the interaction.
Human-Robot Interaction,Children,Creativity,social robots,collective creativity,creative support
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SFRH/BD/110223/2015 Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
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