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Use of blockchain technology to manage the supply chains: Comparison of perspectives between technology providers and early industry adopters
Ulpan Tokkozhina (Tokkozhina, U.); Ana Martins (Martins, A.); Joao C Ferreira or Joao Ferreira (Ferreira, J.);
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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research
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Following the interest in blockchain technology (BCT) business solutions and the nascent stage of technology in supply chain (SC) practices, this research compares views from business practitioners who are experienced in real cases of BCT adoption with the views of technology consultants proficient in the complexities of BCT to analyze the benefits and challenges BCT holds for SCs. Based on the comparison of the two sides, the joint views that both adopters and technology consultants share is the ability that BCT holds to speed up processes across SCs through decentralized data access, thus decreasing human errors and reducing paperwork. However, technology consultants perceive the need to increase BCT awareness levels of businesses, to prevent BCT implementation just for reasons such as ‘recordkeeping’ and to reduce misconceptions in areas such as cryptocurrency applications. The findings also revealed that technology consultants insist on the careful evaluation and definition of records to be kept on BCT platforms prior to the adoption process, in order to avoid unnecessary data input. Currently, according to early industry adopters’ cases, most business attempts of BCT adoption use private networks, so technology consultants promote business entities on developing plans towards open-access public networks.
Supply chain management,Blockchain,Early industry adopters,Technology consultants,Semi-structured interviews
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