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Ph.D in Psychology (University of Coimbra, 2013). Since 2019, I am an associate researcher at the Centre for Social Research and Intervention (CIS). At CIS, I am the co-coordinator of the research group Community, Education and Development (CED). Presently, I am also the Chair of COST Action 18213 – Rural NEET Youth Network. Previously, between 2015 and 2019, I was a post-doctoral fellow at ISCTE-IUL. Since then, I also became a full member of the Center for Social Research and Intervention. I have authored and co-authored several international peer-reviewed papers on my main research interests, such as: rural youths not in employment or education or training (NEET) psychosocial profile; agriculture and community development; adolescents’ social support social development and well-being or youth mentoring. I have experience in the orientation and co-orientation of masters’ students at ISCTE-IUL master courses of community psychology and child and youth protection and organizational social psychology. In addition, I am involved in the steering group of the Global Youth Mentoring Network and I am also a member of the International Network of Mentoring Researchers. I also collaborated with several organizations and projects (Comunidade Intermunicipal da Lezíria do Tejo; Câmara Municipal de Angra do Heroísmo; ISCTE-IUL team responsible for supervising schools included in the Priority Territories for Educational Interventions - TEIP program) in the role of external advisor. Previously, between 2004 and 2015, I have developed, managed, and assessed social intervention projects funded by public and private national and international organizations aimed at tackling youth at-risk and NEET youths social exclusion. I have also developed and conducted several training courses for teachers, for the last 15 years.

Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
CIS - Portugal - Lisboa
Pós-Doutoramento Post-Doc 2015 - 2018
Universidade de Coimbra
Portugal - Coimbra
Doutoramento Family Clinical Psychology and Family Intervention 2008 - 2013
Universidade dos Açores
Portugal - Ponta Delgada
Mestrado Social Sciences and Public Policies 2004 - 2007
Universidade de Coimbra
Portugal - Coimbra
Pós-graduação Family Evaluation and Intervention 2003 - 2004
Universidade de Coimbra
Portugal - Coimbra
Licenciatura Psychology 1997 - 2002
Áreas de Investigação
Jovens nem em educação, nem em emprego em zonas rurais
Agricultura e desenvolvimento comunitário
Suporte social, desenvolvimento social e bem-estar de adolescentes
Mentoria de jovens
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Psicologia Ciências Sociais
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