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AAL4ALL – Ambient Assisted Living for All
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a new approach to the challenges related with population aging and has as its main goals applying ambient intelligent technologies in supporting and training people with specific requirements (such as giving to elderly with memory loss products/services that help them reminding events or paths), and in developing safe environments to the maintenance of an independent life, promoting the active aging. Many national and international actions in the scope of AAL, more or less articulated, have been done, exploring several approaches to the development of innovative technologies. However, in general, we do not have a global understanding that determine and guide the Investigation & Development in AAL. In this context, the AAL4ALL project aims to develop a platform for the aggregation of products / services that promote the creation of assisted living environments, presenting an answer through the development of products and services ecosystem for AAL associated with a business model and validated by a large-scale pilot test.
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