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Graduated in International Relations in 2001 from the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of Lisbon. Holds (i) a Masters of Arts in Media & Cultural Analysis by Loughborough University, England, (ii) a Masters in International Relations with a focus in International Business at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of Lisbon and (iii) an Executive MBA with a focus in Applied Leadership by Robert Kennedy College of Zurich, Switzerland, validated and awarded by the University of Wales. Researcher and PhD in Management, specialization in Human Resources & Organizational Behavior at ISCTE-IUL Business School, Lisbon, Portugal. As a one-off project, he was Director of Human Resources at ALCR Business Group. He was a Fellow Lecturer of Team Management - granted in 2015 with an ISCTE-IUL Internal Grant aimed at developing his teaching skills and technical competencies relevant for his PhD scientific training. He has published articles in the Journals "Governança Corporativa, Compliance, e Negócios Sustentáveis" (in english: "Corporate Governance, Compliance, and Sustainable Businesses"), "Executive Digest", and academic works by the Journal of "Sustainability" and the "European Journal of Economics and Business Studies", as well as, Bubok Publisher. He was a Visiting Professor and Speaker at Schools of Executive Education in São Paulo (Brazil), Braga and Leiria (Portugal), as well as, Speaker at (i) the 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Holland (Paper presented: "Individualism vs. collectivism in a Sharing Economy context: A study on what determines Portuguese consumers’ participation"); (ii) the ICSS XIII, 13th International Conference on Social Sciences, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria (Paper: Sharing Economy - The Establishment of Organizational Identity Overtime, Considering Identify Claims and Legitimacy Granting); (iii) the 4th Annual International Conference on Social Sciences, Athens, Greece (Paper presented: Sharing Economy: Crafting Temporal Identity and Legitimacy Claims as an Emergent Category) and (iv) the 2nd OFEL International Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, Dubrovnik, Croatia (Paper presented: an alternative model of leadership called "The Mastering of 5 Key Elements". He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJM&P). More recently, he participated as a Guest Speaker at the Virtual Summit 2.0 on "Embrace Uncertainty", whose presentation focused on “Exploring the Self-Monitoring Tool in its Effectiveness in Collaborative Leadership Today, in a Working Remotely Environment”. Finally, he undertook a Traineeship at REA (Research Executive Agency) of the European Commission, which is a funding body for research and innovation, managing EU research grants.

Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
University of Wales
Social Sciences - Reino Unido - Cardiff (Wales)
Mestrado Masters in Business Administration (MBA) 2010 - 2016
ISCSP - Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Portugal - Lisbon
Mestrado Integrado Relações Internacionais, especialização em Internacionalização Empresarial 2007 - 2009
CIDEC - Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos Económicos
Portugal - Lisbon
Curso de Especialização Técnica Comunicação de Marketing, Publicidade e Relações Públicas, com especialização em Lobbying 2005 - 2005
Loughborough University
Social Sciences - Reino Unido - Loughborough
Mestrado M.A. Degree in Media and Cultural Analysis 2002 - 2003
ISCSP - Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Portugal - Lisbon
Licenciatura Relações Internacionais, especialização em Relações Culturais Internacionais 1996 - 2001
C.I.S. (Copenhagen International School)
Dinamarca - Copenhagen
Outro tipo de qualificação High School Diploma 1993 - 1995
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Cidadania Global
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