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Actividades de Edição/Revisão Científica
Tipo de Actividade Título da Revista ISSN da Revista Quartil Período Língua
Membro de equipa editorial de revista Independent Journal of Management and Production 2236-269X -- Desde 2017 Inglês
Atividades Profissionais Externas
Empregador País Descrição Período
The Virtual Summit 2.0 on "Embrace Uncertainty” Estados Unidos da América (Miami) Guest Speaker (Guest Speaker at the Virtual Summit on "Embrace Uncertainty: Reinforce Focus, Resilience And Consistency". My presentation focused on “Exploring the Self-Monitoring Tool in its Effectiveness in Collaborative Leadership Today, in a Working Remotely Environment”. It lied on some prominent scientific research in the fields of psychology, behavioral economics and leadership (ex: Ariely et al., 2020; Lennox & Wolfe, 1984; Cotrim, 2016; Cain, 2012; Riedl & Woolley, 2016; Ellen et al., 1991).) 2020
ASPPA (Portuguese Postgraduate Association in Germany and.V) Alemanha (Frankfurt) Guest Speaker (Guest Speaker at the event "PORTAL 2019 - Annual Meeting of the ASPPA (Portuguese Postgraduate Association in Germany and.V)", 2 November. Theme: “Rethinking Alternative Economies Here and Abroad”. My presentation: "Analyzing the Sharing Economy, its origin, evolution, scope and repercussions on businesses, HR and sustainability of the planet", integrated in Panel II "Alternative economies as a vehicle for a more sustainable society".) 2019
The Virtual Summit on Thriving in Cross-Cultural Businesses Estados Unidos da América (Miami) Guest Speaker (Guest Speaker at the "Virtual Summit on Thriving in Cross Cultural Businesses". My presentation focused on how to identify new business opportunities in a Sharing Economy context. Three main strategies were explored: 1 - Identify Culture Orientation; 2 - Gain Market Legitimation; 3 - Web 3.0 - Stay on-line! ; Some case studies examples were explained: Zipcar; Make: Makerspaces; TimeBanks; and Airbnb.) 2019
REA (Research Executive Agency) - European Commission (Space Research Unit) Bélgica (Brussels) Blue Book Trainee ((REA is a funding body for research and innovation - It manages EU research grants.) My Final Project written report: "Assessing the Marketability of EO (Earth Observations) 1 Projects" – In the ambit of EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020 and FP7. Responsibilities undertaken (research and innovation): - Help manage parts of Horizon 2020, the EU's framework programme for research and innovation; - Run research projects supported under Horizon 2020 and FP7, its predecessor; - Provide support to its clients - funding applicants, beneficiaries and independent experts; - Keep close contact with beneficiaries of EU funds; - Manage the European Commission research enquiry service, which answers questions from grant applicants, EU-funded researchers and the public; - Support independent experts evaluating project proposals competing for EU research funds, and helps with the legal and financial validation of programme participants.) 2018 - 2019
IES - Social Business School Portugal (Cascais) Mentor of Social Impact Projects (IES-Social Business School is the first business school focused on Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. The IES mentoring Programs, in the official Portuguese language, are addressed to Social Entrepreneurs at different moments in the life cycle of their initiatives and seek to empower, inspire and create network through tools, motivation and moments of sharing. They are the result of a partnership between INSEAD - one of the best Business Schools in the world - that contributes with knowledge and pedagogical content, and IES-Social Business School, which contributes with knowledge, tools and field experience.) Desde 2017
Instituto Politécnico de Leiria Portugal (Leiria) Guest Speaker (Speaker on “Leadership and Ethics” – open lecture about Deontology and Ethics within the course of Accounting and Finance at Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal.) 2014
Universidade do Minho Portugal (Braga) Guest Speaker (Speaker on "The Country-Brand of Portugal" - in the ambit of the EEGenerating Skills Transversal Competences Development Program.) 2014
B.I. International Brasil (São Paulo) Visiting Professor (Visiting Professor of "Local and International Businesses and Scenarios" under the Post-MBA International Program in Global Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.) 2013