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Projetos de Investigação
WELLy: Introducing the job profile of a Manager for Work Well-being to prevent and combat work related stress
General Objective: Work-related stress is now widely recognised as a significant problem as its costs can involve high levels of sickness absence, accidents, errors, low morale and poor performance. Work-related stress is conditioned by, and contributes to, major environmental, economic and health problems. It has a significant impact on the well-being of staff, their productivity and effectiveness, and much of it is likely to be preventable. Given the exponential increase of work-related stress issues and the diffusion of depression among the European citizens, the WELLy project aims to set the role of Work Well-being Manager (WWM) in charge of making sure that daily working conditions are fair and as healthy as reasonably possible for every employee so that the overall quality of life at work improves within the organisation and across economies. Specific Objectives: The proposal aims to encourage a proactive approach and highlight the major role managers can play in reducing the problems of stress. For this reason the profile of Work Well-being Manager will be introduced: he/she has a cross-functional role which leverages psychological skills including diversity management, particularly when it comes to disabled persons as they often require specific adjustments of their work environment. On top of this, the Work Well-being Manager cooperates with other departments to analyse the issues caused or that could cause work-related stress, and to reduce psychosocial risks and improve employees’ commitment and engagement.
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