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I joined ISCTE in 1996 after obtaining a first degree in Business Administration. I also hold a master´s degree in Business Administration from ISCTE and a Ph.D in Organisational Psychology from Manchester Business School, England, where I was a mentor of related student-sponsor projects on the Full-Time MBA. Since 1996 I have taught Statistics and Mathematics at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have also supervised Master and doctoral thesis in the fields of organizational psychology and management science. Prior to beginning my academic career, I worked for consultancy and insurance organisations in Portugal. My primary research interest encompasses the study of group dynamics, organizational behaviour, and cross-cultural studies. My main research focus in these areas relates to issues concerning personal and small group development, as well as organisational performance. A second strand of my research is concerned with methodological developments in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods and their relationship to Social and Management Sciences. I have published in the area of Organisation Studies, most recently in the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
Manchester Business School - University of Manchester
Doutoramento PhD Business Administration 2009
ISCTE-IUL - Instituto Superior Ciências Trabalho e da Empresa
Mestrado Gestão Global 2000
ISCTE-IUL - Instituto Superior Ciências Trabalho e da Empresa
Licenciatura Organização e Gestão de Empresas 1994
Áreas de Investigação
Dinâmicas de grupos
Comportamento organizacional
Estudos multiculturais, com ênfase na mobilidade global e expatriados
Métodos de pesquisa aplicados às ciências sociais