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Dispositions of Adults with Low Education Levels, and Who Haven't Returned to Formal Education, Towards Lifelong Learning
Vanessa Carvalho da Silva (Carvalho da Silva, V.);
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European Journal of Education
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This study aims to determine how adults with low education levels perceive lifelong education by analyzing a set of interconnected and complementary aspects. The methodological strategy focussed on a qualitative analysis based on semi-directive interviews of a biographical nature. Identifying the reasons for the abandonment of initial (formal) education and obstacles faced by these adults over time revealed a myriad of factors justifying their disengagement from available education offers. To understand the amplitude of a phenomenon that links lifelong learning, knowledge, literacy and education level, in situations of a non-return to formal education, the study involved an in-depth analysis of the dispositions of persons who have “remained outside” of this relation with learning.
Lifelong learning,knowledge society,adults with a low education level,dispositions.