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Playing and socializing — Adults’ perceptions of the FIFA digital game
Alessandro Pinheiro (Pinheiro, A.); Abílio Oliveira (Oliveira, A.); Bráulio Alturas (Alturas, B.);
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Gamers’ perceptions of using competitive digital games, especially concerning anxiety and socialization, have raised doubts about the benefits of playing such games. Since different studies highlight different results, this research aims to explore these differences by analyzing the perceptions of adults involved in playing a competitive digital game, in this case, FIFA, considering data that were collected during the COVID-19 pandemic period. The main question is ‘How do adults perceive anxiety, stress, and socialization when playing the FIFA digital game?’. The research comprises two studies involving volunteer participants: In the first part, which adopts a qualitative approach, the participants’ perceptions of what they think and feel when playing FIFA were analyzed and interpreted using text mining analysis. In the second, a quantitative study, FIFA users’ perceptions of the gaming experience were statistically analyzed. The results show that adult users tend to refer to positive perceived stress and socialization. The fact that participants identified manipulations and interference in the game and no longer allowed its use to influence their mood reveals that perceptions of attacks of rage were considered possible reactions to the use of the game, interpreted from the interface, and leading to the creation of knowledge.
Work carried out at ISTAR—Information Sciences and Technologies and Architecture Research Center of ISCTE—Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal, and partially funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (Project “FCT UIDB/04466/2020”).
Stress,Digital games,FIFA,Socialization,COVID-19
  • Ciências da Computação e da Informação - Ciências Naturais
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UIDB/04466/2020 Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

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