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PMBOK 6th meets 7th: How to link both guides in order to support project tailoring?
Filipe Amaro (Amaro, F.); Luisa Domingues (Domingues, L.);
Procedia Computer Science
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Project Management is evolving more rapidly than ever[1]. Driven by the progress in new technologies and the emergence of agile methodologies, organizations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) reviewed their Project Management Standards to reflect on this phenomenon. In its latest edition, the Project Management Body Of Knowledge 7th[1] (PMBOK), gather the largest number of evolutionary [2] and a disruptive approach based on Principles and focuses on emerging trends such as tailoring, to enhance value delivery through project results[3][4][2]. Nevertheless, the PMI states that this new release does not invalidate previously published versions of PMBOK. However, the coexistence of these two perspectives may initially be an unclear subject for managers and teams, used to a process-oriented [5]. This research studied the relationship between PMBOK 6th[5] and PMBOK 7th[1] and the importance of their connection applied to project tailoring and value creation, through a model that relates concepts from PMBOK 7th[1] (Methods, Models and Artifacts and Performance Domains) and the PMBOK 6th[5] (Processes).
Project management,Tailoring,PMBOK
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