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User Perceptions About Online Personal Data Transmissibility
Pedro Pincho (Pincho, P.); Ines Messias (Messias, I.); Bráulio Alturas (Alturas, B.);
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Confronting Security and Privacy Challenges in Digital Marketing
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Estados Unidos da América
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The usage of consumer’s personal data is considered by companies as capable of creating immense value in terms of business. As such, the rise of using social networks to access users’ shared information, gathering, processing and using it, in order to put together as much information as possible, has become a normal proceeding by companies that work in the sector, perceived as “new” actives for both companies and consumers. Thus, this data represents value to entities, that use them to reduce research costs to develop new products, as well as transactions costs while increasing their marketing incomes. Through personal information, the objective of this study is to determine what feelings are related to sharing personal data online, as well as variations in sharing it is intended for. The nature of the study is quantitative. The research questionnaire for this study was developed through a literature review, later shared on social networks, with 103 valid questionnaires having been collected. Data analysis was performed using IBM SPSS Statistics and excel programs. The results obtained allow us to understand what perceptions the population has regarding data sharing, suggesting that the individual perception of the transmissibility of personal data online is starting to be an area of interest for society, since there is a greater awareness of the dangers online, although this does not reflect a higher level of knowledge on the subject. The path to a more effective and efficient society has a certain price or consequence, namely our freedom and privacy.
Data sharing,online privacy,online security,user trust,risk perception,Portugal
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