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Associação Período
European Sociological Association Desde 2008
Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia Desde 2006
Outras Actividades Profissionais
Empregador País Descrição Período
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon) (Mestrado em Estudos de Teatro) Portugal (Lisbon) Invited Professor (Generic introduction to the concepts and practical actions of public policies, administration and management in the arts, and to prospect the study of the scenic arts in its relation with the political, economic, social, cultural and artistic dimensions. To acknowledge some of the challenges facing culture management: to know Portuguese legislation on cultural and artistic institutions, as well as their legislative and institutional framework within the European Community (and attractive markets outside Europe); planning of cultural industries, with an impact on regional development, understanding the support that may come from non-governmental institutions and partnerships with the media, and the ways in which public funding (central and municipal) is available (specific programs and publicity channels institutional), forms of patronage, perceive - and know how to use - the "rules" of the market in programming and advertising.) Desde 2017