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Ranked among the top 2% best scientists in business & economics in the world by Stanford University, USA.

被美国斯坦福大学评为全球商业和经济学领域前 2% 的最佳科学家。

8-Time winner of the “Best Teacher Award” (Portugal | China)

8获得最佳教师奖(葡萄牙 | 中国


Fernando A. F. FERREIRA is Associate Professor w/Habilitation and Former Vice-Dean for Financial Affairs (2014-19) at the ISCTE Business School of the University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal). He is also Adjunct Research Professor at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics of the University of Memphis, and Senior Manager at the Montis West Corporation (TN, USA). Previously, he was Adjunct Professor and Vice-President of the Scientific Council at the School of Management and Technology of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (Portugal), Lecturer at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja (Portugal) & Visiting Scholar at the Portuguese School of Bank Management (Portugal), University of Memphis (TN, USA), Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (CHIH, Mexico), University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) and Central College of Commerce (Scotland). He holds a PhD in Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management from the University of Algarve (Portugal) and received his MSc in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Algarve and the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal). In 2009, he was granted a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation fellowship for Post-Doctoral studies at the University of Memphis (TN, USA). He is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making & Editorial Board Member of several international research journals. He has authored books, book chapters, peer-reviewed papers and made many conference presentations. Some of his works are published in premier international journals (e.g.European Journal of Operational Research [ABS 4], Annals of Operations Research [ABS 3], IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management [ABS 3], Journal of Business Research [ABS 3], Journal of Small Business Management [ABS 3], Journal of the Operational Research Society [ABS 3], R&D Management [ABS 3], Technological Forecasting & Social Change [ABS 3]). He has practical experience as group facilitator and has delivered keynote and invited speeches at conferences across the world (e.g., Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Albania, Japan, South Korea). Dr. Ferreira has provided consultancy services and executive education to private companies and public sector organizations (e.g.Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A. (Portuguese state-owned banking corporation), Fidelidade Insurance Company, S.A. (market leader in Portugal), Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. (Portugal’s rail and road infrastructure manager), Metropolitano de Lisboa, E.P.E. (state-owned metro company), Sonangol, E.P. (Angolan state-owned oil company), and Amplexor/Acolad (global leader in professional digital services)). He has also served as evaluator on a number of international projects funded by European research funding. His research interests include multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA), strategic decision making and integrated systems for performance measurement and risk analysis in finance, insurance, banking & real estate.

Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
Agregação Business Administration 2016
University of Memphis
Estados Unidos da América
Pós-Doutoramento Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis 2009
University of Algarve
Doutoramento Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management 2008
Áreas de Investigação
Applied Decision Sciences & Business Process Improvement
Decision Support & Strategic Planning
Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
MCDA Applications in Finance, Insurance, Banking & Real Estate
Decision Support Systems for Risk Analysis and Performance Evaluation
Performance Measurement System Design and Development
Structuring and Analysis of Complex Decision Problems
Intelligence Analysis & Structured Analytic Methodologies
Human Cognition, Mental Models & Cognitive Maps
Collaborative Decision Making & Information Aggregation
Rational Choice Theory, Psychometric Approaches, Neutrosophic Logic
Links between Soft and Hard Operational Research (OR) Approaches
Technological Innovation