Urban Adaptation and Alert Solutions for a TIMEly (re)Action

The RETIME project (Horizon Europe Innovation Action) aims to address impactful changes at both the contextual district level and individual homes of natural and human-caused disasters.

It will introduce a data-driven tool that aggregates existing data from weather stations, sensor networks, and satellite images, automated on-site surveys to simulate the impacts of current phenomena and future projections. The innovative aspect lies in an advanced computational analysis that generates prospective scenarios based on socio-architectural and environmental studies, combined with local, territorial remote and on-site surveys.



Natural and human-caused disasters, including uncontrolled urbanization pose multiple short-term and long-term risks, such as building inhabitants being vulnerable to heat or cold waves, older people or other vulnerable individuals struggling to reach safe places during emergencies, and citizens not receiving timely alerts from public authorities regarding impending flash floods, or firestorms, among others.


RETIME will develop a suite of 4 innovative adaptation solutions for reducing risk in urban areas:

1) A sensor-based IT automated alert system;

2) A Digital Building Twin;

3) A digital Building Renovation Passport;

4) A Resilience Knowledge Hub and Decision Support platform.

These tools intend to prioritise alerts based on the architectural and societal context-specific features in three pilot areas (in Portugal, Slovakia, and Estonia). RETIME will meet citizens' real-time needs while supporting control and decision-making processes by:

a) identifying vulnerable groups and critical hotspots, enhancing building resilience;

b) utilizing existing datasets and forecasting computational tools;

c) delivering adaptation plans with a focus on carbon-neutral lifecycle awareness; and

d) increasing citizens' understanding of natural disasters and their multiscale impacts.


Impacto Investigação Académica

1) Development of blockchain-based digital Building Renovation Passport;

2) Development of Resilience Knowledge Hub and Decision Support platform;

3) Development of a sensor-based IT automated alert system;

4) Analysis of citizens' understanding of natural disasters and their multiscale impacts.

Impacto Social e Económico

Overall, RETIME strives to create a more resilient, informed, and prepared urban environment for all citizens.

Parceiros Internos
Centro de Investigação Grupo de Investigação Papel no Projeto Data de Início Data de Fim
ISTAR-IUL Information Systems Coordenador 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
ISTAR-IUL Digital Living Spaces -- 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Parceiros Externos
Instituição País Papel no Projeto Data de Início Data de Fim
ZILINSKA UNIVERZITA V ZILINE (UNIZA) Eslováquia Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
WEO Environmental Analytics for All from Space (WEO SAS) Luxemburgo Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Environmental modelling, web-gis and ICT services (KAJO SRO) Eslováquia Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Science communication, social and business innovation (ICONS) Itália Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
IT solutions for BIM, CAD, GIS, Document Management (EDM/PDM), and Facility Management (ONE) Itália Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
TUU BUILDING DESIGN MANAGEMENT (TUU) Portugal Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Universidade do Porto (UP) Portugal Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
LUXEMBOURG INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (LIST) Luxemburgo Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (TECNALIA) Espanha Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
UNIVERSIDAD DE DEUSTO (UDEUSTO) Espanha Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
TECHNISCHE HOCHSCHULE KOLN (TH KOLN) Alemanha Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Zilina self-governing region (ŽSK) Eslováquia Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (CML) Portugal Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) Estónia Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
TEAM INGENIERIA Y CONSULTORIA (TEAM) Espanha Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
VELTIS RATING SL (VELTIS) Espanha Parceiro 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Equipa de Projeto
Nome Afiliação Papel no Projeto Data de Início Data de Fim
Catarina Ferreira da Silva Professora Associada (com Agregação) (DCTI); Investigadora Integrada (ISTAR-IUL); Coordenadora Global 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Miguel Sales Dias Professor Catedrático (DTDA); Investigador Integrado (ISTAR-IUL); Investigador 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Ricardo Pontes Resende Professor Auxiliar (DAU); Investigador Integrado (ISTAR-IUL); Investigador 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Leonor Domingos Investigadora Integrada (ISTAR-IUL); Investigadora 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Pedro Mariano Investigador Integrado (ISTAR-IUL); Investigador 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Stefania Stellacci Investigadora Integrada (ISTAR-IUL); Co-Investigadora Responsável 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
Financiamentos do Projeto
Código/Referência DOI do Financiamento Tipo de Financiamento Programa de Financiamento Valor Financiado (Global) Valor Financiado (Local) Data de Início Data de Fim
GA 101147113 -- Prémio European Commission - Horizon Europe Innovation Action 4.997.270 581.898 2024-05-01 2028-04-30
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Urban Adaptation and Alert Solutions for a TIMEly (re)Action